Eppdoc is a unique software company that was founded on March 24 2015. We began our journey with a hands-on mentality in a difficult and chaotic app world exploring the needs and issues of gamers. It was the voice of these gamers which was the starting point in our first project: the FUT WAGER APP. Our products are the result of our goals ‘the what’, but in our opinion the central focus lies within the believe we put into practice ‘the why’: “We believe in making things greater than they initially were opposed”. We tackle ‘the how’ questions through our complementary management team of different personal and professional skills.



Tahier Sadal


Tahier has 10+ years experience in project delivery products.

Has decision-making and problem-solving skills and with his vast experience in project management he manages to achieve the business results.

Tahier is a consummate professional with a passion for driving continuous process improvements and building consistent, high performing teams.


Marcel Weerts


Marcel has worked with high growth companies for more than 15 years.

Prior to joining Eppdoc, Marcel held different IT management positions at PostNL (former TNT). Prior to PostNL, Marcel was a business consultant for a small software distributer/reseller.

Marcel grew up in The Netherlands and earned his BA in Marketing & Sales and his MSc in Information Sciences from Utrecht University.


Mathijs Hoeijmakers


Mathijs has over 9 years experience in IT development, management, design and architecture within big and complex environments.

He graduated with honors as an industrial design engineer in user interaction at Delft University of Technology.

Mathijs is analytical and sees opportunities as they arise. With his experience, he takes products to the next level.


Jerry Mathew

Project Manager

Jerry is an enthusiastic individual willing and able to work across cultural boundaries to achieve results. His dedication to find solutions that produce short and longterm succes is inspirational.


Jojo Jayaprakash

Android Developer

Jojo is a true expert on all things Android development. He possesses a vast amount of knowledge about the ecosystem and knows how to write technically flawless apps that look and are native to the platform. He is a great advocate for proper software engineering solutions, and always strives for the highest code quality feasible.


Jojo Vargehse

iOS Developer

Jojo is one of those personalities that you want to have on your development team! He’s a sociable developer who takes ownership of his tasks and he goes up to the little details to write the simplest, most viable and versatile solutions in lines of code.


Mukesh Murukhan


Mukesh is a designer with the client in mind. He always challenges assumptions, leading to a better end result than if he would just done what was asked at the beginning.


Arya Anilkumar

PHP Developer

Arya pragmatic and conscious working methods always lead to a positive result. Her body of knowledge encompasses a great variety of programming- languages, techniques and architectural ingenuity.


Anthony Thomas

PHP Developer

Antony is a highly skilled and experienced java developer/software engineer. It is nice to discuss about decisions to make, coding matters and architecture principles for he always amazes me with his point of view, ideas and creativity.


The core values of the management team are based on trustworthiness, commitment and effective communication.