Get connected with the FIFA world

What is it?

FIFA Ultimate Team should be fair and fun for every player, that’s why we’ve made the effort to develop the FUT wager app. This is the first app that brings you in connection with other FIFA gamers around the world. Through the app you will be able to register using your preferred console and purchase credits that you can use to setup wager matches with your opponents. These credits are paid out in FIFA coins into your actual console account, making it a safe and reliable way to get your hard-earned FIFA coins.

We make it our job to make sure cheating is not possible, leaving you satisfied and ready to wager your next match.


The purpose of the FUT wager app is to provide users a safe way to play against each other.


With the FUT wager app you buy credits in the app, decide the amount and play the wager match. The winner will receive the credits. You can change the credits for actual FUT coins or challenge someone else.

To see how this works, watch this video.


The FUT wager app is available in three versions:

  • iOS/Android webapp (cheapest FIFA coins!) RECOMMENDED
  • iOS native app
  • Android native app

With these FUT wager apps both PlayStation as well as XBOX are supported.

We’ve created the FUT Wager webApp especially for you to buy your FIFA coins even cheaper.

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